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Magnetic loop. Pictures, details and others.

Now the loop is done it's useful to cover the capacitor as protection against weather conditions.

If it's only for a few years do it like this.

A better solution.

For the protection of my latest loop capacitor I used 4 plates en and 3 bolds to hold it together.
To easy change from capacitor a made a few plates for holding a C. inside the protectioncap.
See below.

Other caps are simple made by tailoring, heating and bend the material as on the picture below.

rain protection

My magnetic loop experiment for 20 m.

magnetic loop 20m.

Magnetic loop experiments on 80 m. band.
Test positions, 90 cm above ground and 90 cm from the wall.
                     1.2 m above ground  and away from the wall.

For easy handling my antenna I made a mini tower , only 4 m. height.
For the lower part I used stainless steel square tube.
To turn over the antenna I used a cheap winch, sailing rope and pulleys.



More Projects and interest.

I hope that all the information is enough to start some experiments, if not feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your visit. 73.



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